Our Managed Hosting Service.

Our Managed Hosting Service dedicates one or more Internet Servers to your business. Full management of the Operating System and Web services are handled by seasoned Ineocom staff members. You get all the benefits of a dedicated server without the cost of a Systems Administrator, Infrastructure Consultant or other IT staff.

We ensure that your data is protected, and available at all times. In the event that your dedicated server runs into trouble, we take immediate steps to ensure that your website, e-mail, and other services are restored to full operating capacity.

We fully manage the security, underlying Operating System, and network services, including 24 hour / 7 days per week services monitoring.

A dedicated server at Ineocom is one of the easiest, and most flexible IT decisions you can make for your business.

Managed Hosting features:

  • SFTP and FTP access with unlimited user accounts.
  • Complete control over your server configuration.
  • A Dedicated IP address for your service.
  • Unlimited web server configurations.
  • Full management of Web and E-Mail (inbound and outbound) services.
  • Full management of firewall and security services.
  • Round the clock monitoring of all services on your dedicated server.
  • 200 Gigabytes of data transfer per month, burstable to 10Mbps.
  • 35 Gigabytes of file storage.
  • MySQL database access and management.
  • MySQL replication for real-time up to the second backups of your database.
  • Full Secured SSL Web page support**.
  • Full CGI, PHP, Perl, and Ruby support.
  • Daily incremental offsite content backups.

    A managed hosting account with Ineocom also offers the following at no extra cost:

  • Unlimited POP3 e-Mail addresses with remote and web-based access.
  • Unlimited e-Mail aliases.
  • Access to discounted domain name registrations and renewals***.
  • Full domain name hosting and DNS management.

    Optional enhancements:

  • Additional data transfer bandwidth.
  • Additional file storage space.
  • Clustering and redundancy plans.


    Annual Pricing

    Managed hosting (per server): $99.00 CDN per month
    Additional IP address space: $10.00 CDN per month
    Domain name registration (first domain): FREE
    Domain name registration (subsequent domains): $20.00 CDN

    Feel free to send us an information request. We will contact you shortly via any method you request to answer any questions you may have, or to set up an account.

    We will gladly accept PayPal, Check, or Money Order.


    * figure based on a 1 year, annual pre-paid term. Domain name registration is extra, but optional.

    ** An SSL certificate is optional for seamless SSL support that is transpaent to web users. Ineocom can supply an SSL certificate for as low as $199 CDN per year upon request by active customers. By default a "dummy" (or fake) certificate is configured until a valid SSL certificate can be obtained.

    *** Access to discounted registrations or renewals are limited to Ineocom customers only.

  • Please be aware that all business dealings with Ineocom are subject to our Terms of Service.